The Secret

I forgot the director of the movie, all I can remember is the title and a bunch of philosophers and successful figures of man of science!

It was emphasized in the sort of documentary film regarding the law of attraction which I wanted to share with you my readers and accidental visitors!

The main reason why it is called the secret is because, the root of this Law of Attraction was keep from ordinary people by those who knew it. It governs all the laws in the universe weather the law of science or the supernatural!

It has something to do with your overall expectations in life and what will be. Anything that you want and wish to have is already there. You only need to manifest with it and accept it. What ever your thoughts and desires will shape what you are going to have in the future.

If you keep of thinking about debt, you will likely end with more debts. But if you keep thinking of abundance, you will have such abundance. It doesn't mean that you have to deny the fact that you have debts, but being grateful to what you already have in-spite of having debts. It is like the positive way looking into life despite of all those negative things that happen to you. It is what the Law of Attraction defines.

It is like saying Pro Peace instead of Anti-war. Hence the word war will still attract the negative effects of war even with the opposite prefixes or suffixes.

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