Marbel! Marbel! Marbel!

Marbel City is a city at South Cotabato, I have been there for just a couple of hours and then head home, it was when we went London Beach of General Santos City. I have no reasons to go and cruise around the city before. But lately a friend told me that SM is under construction in the vicinity.

Yeheyy! Now I have a reason to go to Marbel City, not because of the Shopping Mall but because of the Big Screen. Yes Sad to say this Rival City of Cotabato City has surpassed her by means of development! There were already proposals of the said Mall in the vicinity of Cotabato City earlier than Marbel's but some stupid reasons of Greed made the investors call back the investments!

Sigh.... When will this city keep pace with the peace and development!

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