Awakened conspiracy!

Barret, M4, NVG Do you know what I'm talking about? These are just some of the state of the art weapons and gadgets that are used in war! You may say it's all obsolete, but in my country these are just a few the most expensive military equipment that a ordinary soldier can have.

And so what is the issue? "You may ask". This electronic gadgets where found and recovered after a raid of the AFP on one of the reported ABUSAYAF location of goods withdrawal with the involvement of some of the lefties troops!

So what you may be thinking now would be, who gave it to them or where did they bought it or who found this terrorist???

Wow! Large amount of dead soldiers where reported to have risk their lives for this operation! This terrorist cell have been on operation with kidnapping and extortion and are under serious military monitoring intervention but are still operating for decades!!! Not to mention the lack of synchronicity between the Army and the Air Force, and other branches of the AFP. A sort of glitch inside the chain of command!

Don't you think Magdalo have a point regarding the involvement of the government in selling armaments to the terrorist???

With the presented clues! You the Citizen of this country decide!!!

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