8 Secrets of the Truly Rich - Chapter 8

8 Secrets of the Truly Rich

By: Bo Sanchez

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Face Your Feelings

What you can feel, you can heal.
-John Gray

The poor have tiny psychological wallets.
God wants to give them more but their psychology can't handle the blessing.
let me give you an example in my life.
Last month, I earned more money than I ever earned in any single month of my entire life. (Of Course, the phrase "more money" Is a relative term. What may be a lot of money to me may be loose change to some of you.)
But because it was "too much" for me-way beyond what I was accustomed to - I actually felt very uncomfortable. In other words, the money didn't fit my psychological wallet. The money didn't match my perceived identity.
I sat with these raw feelings for a whole, and identified them as fear and guilt.
I was afraid because it was new experience of earning that huge amount of money.
And felt guilty because I may be doing something wrong.
With a stern of schoolteacher's voice, I "heard" these loud thoughts within...
You should be ashamed of yourself. You earn more in one month what some poor people earn in years. How could you be so unfair?
You should be ashamed of yourself. You're no longer doing God's will.
You're so focused on money now.
You should be ashamed of yourself. If you're going to heaven, why waste your time and be busy with material things?
They were powerful emotions and I had to face them.
Or they would be like ticking time bombs, ready to explode at a later time, and destroy whatever financial progress I have attained.
I needed to learn how to face these raw emotions and deal with them. Thankfully, through the years. I've learned to fell them, embrace them and bring them to God.
Were they telling me the truth? Then I should obey the truth.
Or were they telling me lies? Then I should reject them.
Or were they telling me half-truths and half-lies? Then I need to pick the grain of truth in them and obey the truth, but in the same breath, toss away the lies so as not to contaminate the truth.
After allowing myself to feel and identify these disruptive feelings. I asked myself: Why am I earning money? Why am I in business anyway?
I searched deep in my heart and found two simple answers:
First, because I love my family.
I'm not content with earning "enough." My heart is too big just for my own family. I want to earn "more than enough" so that I could bless the poor and the ministries of God.
Slowly, the disturbing emotions became calm.
I searched my heart shadow of greed.
Was money really becoming my lord?
Did I trust wealth more than God now ?
My answer was no.
But these were beautiful questions - and I promised God that I'd always ask myself these questions before His presence.
And like night giving way to the breaking of dawn, the feelings of false guilt and fear faded in the light of truth.
I learned this from bestselling author John Gray: "We cannot heal what we do not feel." Because I allowed myself to feel these dark emotions before God's discerning presence, I removed their urgency. In one sense, I defanged them. I removed their poison. Knowledge is power, and knowing that they were there within me made me their superior.
What would happened if I didn't do this?
Then these dark emotions would creep up from my subconscious, and I'd start sabotaging my financial success. I've seen this happen to so many people. They'll make one bad decision after another. Or they'll get sick. Or thy'll simply losei nterest in their business until it collpases.

Face your feelings.


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