Military Absence = Peace?

The rampant bombings, bombing threats, and frustrated bombing in the areas of Mindanao spread terror in the hearts of all people who have lived in this island in spite of religion and tribal difference. Many were shocked, injured and killed, properties where destroyed and the broader collateral damage that reached international attention, Mindanao is infested with terrorist and greedy warmongers!

The reason behind the devastating incidents cannot be easily point out, whoever is responsible and their purpose is truly out of our hands to judge as of this moment. But some rebels claimed that military presence is causing the countless of war. Let us take a little step back in time.

According to some history scholars, it all started with Jabidah Massacre and some series of related government operation on the island of Mindanao. The massacre of young Filipino Muslims resulted to the rebellion of the Muslims against the tyrant and so called dictatorship!

It's been more or less 5 decades has past since the Jabidah Massacre, but after the dictatorship Muslim rebels are still infesting Mindanao with claims to what they called Islamic state. Five decades, a very long time enough to make both Christians and Muslims live in harmony in some parts of the island. This is more than enough that the claim for the autonomy is already irrelevant for the development of Mindanao!

Let us point a sample cities for a very good independent development: Marawi City and Malabang City. Now compare these cities with their neighboring cities like: Iligan City and Pagadian City, did you notice the relevance and the difference? A little more comparison: Cotabato City to General Santos City.

The leaders of the rebels claims that Mindanao can only attain peace if the Government Soldiers will abandon Mindanao! This is a very confusing answer to the question on how it would attain such peace and development without the presence of Armed Forces of the Philippines. Why? Remember the number of massacres involving the rebels in Mindanao? Let me point a few: The Kapatagan Massacre, The government agricultural water ways in Camp Abubakar that were turned into dry armed bunkers, The recent Massacre and attack at Lanao del Norte and few more inluding the attacks of the Abbu Sayyaf to the Operatives of the Red Cross, Red Cross who not only heal and fed Moro civillians but combatants as well!

The rebels made a destructive attack to the civillian communities spreading fear, hunger and death even with the presence of the Government military in the island of Mindanao! How would this growing records of attacks to the civillians will compensate for what they call peace and development with the absence of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in Mindanao!

Now answer this question on your own. Could The Island of Mindanao Gain Peace and Development without the Presence of the Armed of Forces of the Phillipines!

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