Chain of Command

Every second of every hour of every day, is critical to any one who belongs in the service to the country. Most especially the smallest unit of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Once a soldier told me,

"I joined the Armed Forces of the Philippines, with other reasons unclear to me, my only goal was to be in service to help myself and my family to raise ourselves from poverty!, but as time goes by I have learned the values of rendering service for your country, every soldier is like a piece of brick that supports the other and provides a firewall that protects the country, the nation she conceives, and her constitution". Thou sometimes the chain of command is out of those matter, we, the smallest unit of that command perform our duties in spite of corruption and sometimes inadequate support from the masses! We walk miles and climb steep hills with inadequate supplies or transportation supports, and a load of heavy rations and armaments. Here in my country soldiers assault enemy base on a open field where our bodies cover the vehicles instead the other way around. But nevertheless, if I survive this partly useless war long enough it will be a debt from the maker!"

Corrupt officials that lurks in our system especially in the AFP put the lives of these young soldiers at stake, the soldiers who are primarily takes the front line position of defending this country, her constitution and the people!


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