Share a Picture for Cash

Before, I was uploading photos on the internet for my friends for sharing and for fun not knowing that servers of this kind of free services earns from our uploaded images.

A few months ago I learned from this site that we could earn from our uploaded images. I gave it a try and I didn't mind it much I just keep on uploading photos and still images on my account.

Just recently I found out that my financial status with this site is increasing time to time and it can be withdraw through paypal. If you also want to earn just by sharing photos, come and join just click the link and it will take to the site.


r-yo said...

this issue has become so emotional that both sides have already embraced constricted views. let's all hope there's still space for open dialogue on this matter.

Aerrox said...

Thanks for the comment sir, but I Think you placed the comment on the wrong post ^^