Fire in the Hole

Today was a very tragic day for one of our neighbor, they just lost a home and priceless properties because of fire. It was my first time to get involve at the closest distance. The fire was like a inferno at rage and wanting to swallow anything on its path. The air was so hot and electric sparks makes me feel peeing on my pants! Every ends of my nerves and thoughts are shaking and awake. Lifting a bucket of water was as easy as lifting a cup of coffee.

The aftermath was heart breaking as the owner looks into his properties turned into ashes that even led Mrs. Condin to a coma. And taking pictures makes feel so pathetic!

I hope the latest tragic incident will send a slap on the face of the authorities to provide a descent fire station in our Barangay!

"Its better to experience being robbed, than seeing your properties on fire"

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