Wall of Art

This is what sent me out of the this blog room for a very long long time! Tinkering and getting messy with colored paints! I actually used Weather Guard for the colored paints and Boysen flat wall white as a base color. I choose to use mixed elastomeric paints so as to have the best balance of colors intensity and opacity compared to hand mix paints.

I find it hard to get back making post on this blog, but this time I have to because my Lavs wanted to see this piece of art of mine, and I find it to my liking to show her one of my taking chances skills!

Spill there and there, up down and under, sprinkle here and there....

And tadannnn..... I never thought that it would end up like this!!! A simple art of mixed colors that they call abstract. This was Zagatrixx's idea and I had fun while working on this one. This is the new computer room a command center of Crywolf in a box of lively colors!

Although this Wall of Art is quite finish I'm still 75% away from completion, I am also in-charge with the wire mesh and interior arrangements and designs like the tables and display shelves! My biggest problem and challenge to conquer here is the budget and time!

Enjoy picking your favorite colors....

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marichu said...

i choose pink.:)

Truly a great work of art! Your hardwork is worth it.
I like how the colors blend with its feminine outcome.
Congrats!!!This is not a chance skill of yours but an innate talent.
My co-employees love it too