Fishing Well

The other Weekends my friends went to the Kushiong Beach and I received an invitation so, we all enjoyed the fresh and summery view of the ocean and it's colors as well as friends. And the star of all are: Tulingan and Tilapia sa Dagat, in short the Fish! ^_^

These one here are Called Tilapia sa Dagat, it resembles like a ordinary tilapia from fresh water but it has lighter color and thicker scales and tighter flesh and as well as the taste of course!

This one here is what they call Tulingan it resembles like a Tuna but it's flesh is darker compared tuna, This one is good for pourage and Roasting can also be good for salad but not as good as tuna. I caught this one bare handed.... from the fishing boat (lol)

And here are the models .... (Modeliver ug isda) Wahahaha

Back (L to R): Che Che, Rjane
Front: Riza aka: Manang Sipon (Wahahaha)

Tagalog words:

Kushiong - A beach somewhere in the vicinity of Datu Odin Sinsuat Municipality.
Tulingan, Tilapia - Kinds of fishes found in Philippine sea water.
Manang - A respectful address to elder female friend or sister or aunt.
Sipon - Mucos

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