Peace = War

If you want Peace, prepare for war!
- The Punisher -

Most people want PEACE, few wanted war. But this few Bad ass, can make a difference on how you want to make PEACE happen! They govern and enslave uneducated nation. Let them believe that their rights can only be achieved by bloody gun barrels and noiseless cries of the innocent!

These leaders wanted make money out of war, wanted to rule over a nation who only wanted liberty, justice and equality! These leaders who don't want to live with a neighbor who's fences are as high as theirs. These leaders who taught uneducated nation that their rights are only for them, that this land is only for them! Where have all those lowly people who's siblings fertile this land with their blood! After decades of war, after taking some of their demands, what fruitful outcome did it showed! Why are they still cowering in the dark with a dying lamp!

Yes it was their choice to armed themselves and fight! And yes it was because of you who taught them to do so! EDUCATE them! Send them to school! Let them learn that the right of a man is the same as of a woman, that their rights is as expensive as ours! That all things (property, material things, money and the likes) should be taken after a labor and not by stealing!

"In the modern war, soldiers will die like A dog"
- Ernest Hemingway -

It doesn't matter which side you are!

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