Ok lets talk politics this time, specifically political history!


Hmmm.....Let us travel back into time and set the dial at 1930

It's my first time to set foot on this term. And I found out and learned how an economic change took millions of lives, and that this term refers to a a very tragic historical event in the year 1932 - 1933 in Soviet Union when agricultural output of the region was forced to support the rapid economic transformation from agricultural to industrialization and collectivization. It was a policy designed by Joseph Stalin.

The result of the mass export of grains to the west caused a famine and lead to a massive death because of hunger! The figures of the lives taken for the economic transformation was horrible. The link will lead you to the unbiased truth and information about the Holodomor in the Union Soviet.

Read and find out how a forceful policy took the lives of the peasants in exchange of economic transformation. I can't wait to share this new vocabulary and a piece of historical page that turned a economic goal to a historical tragedy that caused a devastating trauma to the peasants of Union Soviets and marked a unforgettable scar on the hearts of many nation!

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Lonewolf said...

hmmm I think I've heard it before way back in my college days. :think:
its starvation to death :tense:

nice post bro, very informative!!