Bad Bureau of

I had a terrible experience with my online shopping. I was excited lately upon receiving an email from this certain online store that my orders has arrived. Receiving a go signal from the post office, I hurried to the office after a business transaction downtown.

Arriving home with my package, I opened my package an d checked only the items that belong to me. Everything was intact and functional upon testing. There was one item that belongs to a friend of mine. I decide not to open and check it without the consent of the owner, so I waited till afternoon for Zagatrixx to arrive. Afternoon came and my friend and me opened his purchased items in a pack suspiciously tampered, well to our surprise the packaging was really tampered down to the contents. MY oh My ohhh myyyy......

I wasn't surprise at the first site of the tampered parcel, maybe it was for security reasons. I have all my online purchased items package delivered at hand tampered, BUT this time it's more than that! There was a missing item! Some of the parts and accessories of our purchased items were missing!!!

I can't wait to get my hands on that darn
robber who stole our purchased items!!! I can't believe that even postal service in our country is still this corrupted down to Her employees!

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