Zagatrixx'a Day

Last night me and Zagtrixx and friends celebrated Zagatrixx's 25th birthday at Manang's place! We ate rice pastel and roasted chicken and chicken innards plus a gallon of ice cream a liter of vodka (that I find it against to my liking)and 1 and half a case of Red horse beer!

We started around 8 in the evening after fetching all in at the place. By then the rain pounded the place like cats and dogs. Everyone was enjoying the food and liquor while singing songs with the karaoke! And I had the chance to get a practice of one of my lav's requested song - Home by Chris Daughtry!

We finished the party at manang's house by 10 in the evening to 1 a.m., I still have that sip of vodka lodge in my head! (awful juice!)

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