Expand Your Teritories and Earn Exponentially

It was already 2 in the morning and I cant feel the weight of my head to sleep. After taking a glass of water I went back to my lair and saw this book I previously read up to the mid. Since I was not sleep then, I decided to continue reading it at least a few more chapters.

The book is entitled "8 Secrets of the Truly Rich" by Bo Sanchez. It was at Chapter 47 titled Earn Exponential. It was a bit of a co-accidence (^^ co-incidence) while I was making a decision and plan on how to hasten my new additional computer unit at the command center (Internet cafe) while I was looking at my mountain bike with parts that needs replacements. The story at this chapter inspired me on how to make or to find a way to change linear Profits to Exponential profits. The story reminded of the "Law of leverage"

And at this point I'll be reading another chapter before going to bed, and I think for those of you who can't his book. I'll encode his book here starting tomorrow.

I guess this will a busy month! ^^ Thanks Sir Bo!

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