8 Secrets of the Truly Rich - Dedication

8 Secrets of the Truly Rich

By: Bo Sanchez

How You Can Create Material Wealth and Gain Spiritual Abundance at the Same Time

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  • I’m writing this book to the father who wakes up at night, wondering how to earn more money to pay for his kid’s rising tuition fees.
  • I’m writing to the mother who gets acidic in her stomach every time the phone rings, because creditors are hounding her for late debt payments.
  • I’m writing to desperate parents who’ve been working abroad for years-away from their growing children-and yet are wondering why they still haven’t saved anything.
  • I’m writing to the married daughter who wants to help her aging mother’s medical expenses but can’t because her salary isn’t even enough for her own family’s needs.
  • I’m writing to the single man in his 30s whose girlfriend is asking when they’ll get married, but can’t even plan one because he’s still paying for his younger siblings’ schooling.]
  • I’m writing to the supervisor who’s tired of living from paycheck to paycheck, without any savings whatsoever.
  • I’m writing to the manager who is 50 years old and who wants to retire early but can’t –because she has debts that will shrink her retirement pay almost nothing.
  • I’m writing to the 65-year-old retiree who has to live on his monthly SSS pension that can’t even pay for his daily medication.
  • I’m writing to the entrepreneur who’s failing in his business and wonders what he’s done wrong and what he should do next.
  • I’m writing to the Filipinos who are tired of the Philippines as a Third World Country and dream of a First World Philippines for their children and grandchildren.
  • I’m writing to the spiritual person who is torn by his desire to help others financially, and his longing to remain pure simple, detached, trusting and non-materialistic in his attitude towards life.

Friend, I dedicate this book to you.

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