Christmas at CDO - II "The Kitchen Showcase"

Sorry for the late update I just got up from a deadly virus that hit me last week. Its what they call Procastinatium Lazinesius (Laziness ^__^).

The best episode of my Christmas vacation was the kitchen showcase Episode. It was the happiest part of the vacation. Me and my girlfriend went to The Kit Kai Mall for a li'l shopping and salon before going home for the Christmas Eve.

While I was waiting for her buying a special book that that talks about how to be financially truly rich, a guy approached me and offered me a free souvenir from their company named Aowa. So when my girlfriend was already with me, we head on to their office for a bit of demonstration of their latest products that are mostly used in the house laboratory - The Kitchen.

The most interesting product that they have were the electric stove and microwave oven that uses electromagnetic induction. Both were expensive, each item cost about 900 USD each! @_@. But for the efficiency and reliability its just right for the item. Imagine cooking foods without fire and less time and energy consumption! And much more how safe the product from kitchen hazards that are incorporated with kitchen stoves!

Part of this episode was, I was offered of their 5 products that cost more than 2000 USD for free just by buying either the stove or the microwave oven, because it was their 10th year anniversary! T_T I was hesitant to take the offer due to some financial reasons, but in the end I took the bait for some practical reasons!

You might want to take a peep of their products here

Hmmmmm..... This post cost 200 USD. Don't I deserve discounts with your products???;;;; hihihihi


Bob Loblaw Law Blog said...

low cost payday loans I hope you didn't shell out more that 50 USD for this "latest technology." You can pick up a microwave at any old store here for pretty cheap. This "fireless" cooking has been around for 30+ year.s

Aerrox said...

yes its true - but those products were using heating element such as a high power low resistant coil or a ceramic heater. And most of this elements consume a lot of power which are not very efficient. While this recently reinvented products specifically from Japan uses electromagnetic induction. I really don't know how it can cook without producing heat in the unit but produces heat on the food your cooking.