Aerrox Arise

Taking some good time away from the keyboard for about a month!!! Gosh.....!!!! I was left behind and my Alexa rank dropped like the international economic crisis!!! How about my Pagerank??? Thank goodness, it's still gripping at #2!!! Whew!

I had a few post at my cloud blog and my my game box and I guess that wasn't bad so much at all. But my qualifications for socialspark opp is far from the specs and lost all my cash from online shoppings for my mountain bike (hhuhuhuuhuhu, hihihihi)!!!;;;; I gotta get back on the line and work harder though to have more opp again.

Work Aerrox work!!! Write Write!!!

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r-yo said...

oo nga write write write! he he. sana nga lang lagi tayong me oras e no?