XML Superstar

Hollywood superstars, sports stars, singing superstars, rockstars . Too many shinning and blinking stars. Wondering how can one get to be such one shining star, and you want to be one? Why not try to join this IDUG contest and get the chance to win some prize like t-shirt, nano ipods or a Nintendo Wii or get that early bird price if you are one of the newest and earliest participants, and the best and and most awesome price to win is turn yourself into a superstar. Not just a common shining star but a xml superstar!

Just get through a series of contests, at the site. The contest will also serve as a learning ground for both students and professionals, seeking or doing some school research to empower them to learn more about open source, XML and database management, and as well as to encourage skills-building in these areas. The contests also offer those who do not have prior knowledge of XML and database management like me, an opportunity to learn more about these new technologies that will help increase their marketability in the IT industry.

This is an opportunity for bloggers, surfers or just a common internet users to get their skills developed or exposed for a much better opportunity regarding this area of technology. So sign up and head start to becoming a xml superstar!


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