Selfish Mistakes

Tonight I should be working on my post regarding my vacation from Cagayan de Oro City. But since tonight my girlfriend made me realized the mistake I made during the days that we were together, so I decided to take this opportunity to ask for forgiveness and postpone the CDO post.

First of all the Christmas date was fun and expensive, we rarely make a good date in this city without spending much. But I always expect for the financial drama everytime I'm destined to get myself in this city and make a very good preparation as much as possible, not to make all the burden be carrried alone by my special one!

The first day was no good at all, We were able to stumble over a situation that rip all my romantic plans out of my mind and disperesed 'em all somewhere into space, and that all that was left in me was dismay! That dismay has led me to a blank piece of paper that made me wrote a sort of good yet a bad start by the next day! I have forgotten my script about the fancy ring and the story behind the "tondong and key chain".

The first day has led me to forget that I was with my special girl unto the second day and the third! I was unable to notice that I was hurting her while I was blinded by the beauty that tempted me while I was with her! I thought everything was ok as she is everytime I ask her!

Lavs next time tell it right into my face if everything is really ok or not! Or you will find me either pretending that everything is really ok or accepting your ok as alright! But nevertheless I still want to put the blame on me for making that Christmas date full of selfish mistakes! Please forgive me and call me or just inform me as soon as your ok!

Hoping for your immediate response!

With love


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