MJ Goods

Founding father of Genetic Art Launches Mary Jane Goods.com. Mary Jane Goods.com (MJG) debuts today offering a limited selection of high-end, quality and unique products. The first company to create custom original genetic portraits of C. Sativa; better known as Cannabis.

Mary Jane Goods is an idea conceptualize by the idea of fusing “high science” with “high art.” Putting two different points of complex yet enticing thoughts into one piece of a product, turns the complexity interestingly simple.

Combining DNA genetic fingerprinting with an icon of pop culture created the foundation for the Mary Jane Goods brand. Placing the idea into products like T-shirts, Canvas art and Block Art.

The uniqueness and simplicity of the style that Mary Jane Goods portray in fusing high science with high art on their products puts art into a higher level of expressive output. Products that depict not only the importance and relativity of technology with art, but as well as art at its best of expression. And this idea takes Mary Jane Goods a brand visible to the eye of art lovers who considers uniqueness a valuable difference! Making Mary Jane Goods a head turner in a world where science is the basic foundation of expressive existence!


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