Down with the Sickness

The other day me and the dudes had a bit of weekend drinking spree at a beerhouse down town, it was a week after the last time we had our beer session. We started by seven in the evening at my place and transferred to the best and safest beer house that Kutumura use to stay for a midnight drunkard session!

We transferred their by nine in the evening and hit the dead end road by two in the morning. Gosh.. that beer wasn't good enough to make me crawl, but I got the best headache because of a foggy cigarette smoke!!!

The group dispersed then, and when I arrived home I had a bad news from my brother that one of my father's friend who met a motor cycle accident died in the hospital. And by the next morning the headache scattered all over my body and send me to crawling flu infected bird!!!

I have to find tonight to visit my father's friend funeral tonight! aaaaaa chuhhhhhhh!!!! sneeze sneeze sneeze.....


Bl-ogre said...

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Aerrox said...

Ok thankx ^^ I really don't drive and fly after getting drunk ^^