Yesterday is not an OPTION

I've been a Nuffnanger since Nuffnang landed on the Philippine soil. Surfing the net and sharing my post in my blog via innit.nuffnang is a good way to increase traffic and to met new friends and bloggers online.

One of the best feature of Nuffnang is the ANALYTICS, with this feature you can monitor your visitors such as the unique points graphically synchronized with time, although with a one hour delay it is still the best way to monitor your unique visitors at your blogs unless if yo have a better tool.

But a few weeks ago or a month, I stumbled over a problem when launched their first add. Since the adds requires a minimum of unique visitors in a day I must keep track of my daily record if I am qualified or not. But not all the time I'm in front of my computer and connected online. I had the problem of monitoring my unique score when the clock strikes past midnight. The only option I find at the drop down menu of analytics are: today, this week, last week and last month. I was thinking of ways to find my unique score yesterday and the other day.

At the point where I was so stupid enough and not able to find the answer to my problem at nuffnang analytics, I send and email at the admin regarding my problem and requested for a YESTERDAY option. It's over a month but no yesterday option drops down the option window (to my dismay. I just then checked my score for the the past week and to my surprise, it has dates beside it (knocks my head) why did I didn't see this dates before. Now my problem was solved (by myself though)and I said to myself, sigh....YESTERDAY IS NOT AN OPTION!

P.S. Admin should have replied regarding this solution to my problem, and that the problem was a result of my stupidity and looking through the pages with my mouth and not with my eyes ^_^!

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