Weekend at the Beach

I was at the climax of my sweet dream while sleeping and putting all those bad alcohol from last night langs langs into a undisturbed rest and sleep when suddenly I heard a cupid calling my name.... I was awakened by Billy Boy a biker kid who was instructed by a friend of mine to wake me up and inform that they are going for a mountainbike ride en route to Kushiong. A nearby beach about 20km from our village.

Wiped my dripping saliva from my mouth and dried tears on eyes (What do they call muta in English;;;??? ^^) Geared up and took my water bottle filled with water and took my bike, drunk a glass of water after a piece of bread, bought a bottle of energy drink at a nearby store and tadann.... in less than 10 minutes I was suited up for the ride.

Upon arrival at the beach, what I did was taking pictures of everything I can find nice for a photo shot! I love taking pictures of the nature so you can't find any people in most of the pictures. I even made a new photo blog where I put pictures of clouds.

I was enjoying taking pictures of the beach when my hand and knees were shaking while my stomach was shouting hunger!!!! I was a very sudden hunger, but it was also time for a brunch. When the food was prepared, the riders ate like zapping a lightning on food that the just disappeared in less than 15 minutes. And to my hunger I forgot to take a photo of the foods which were fish soup and fish salad!

Wow so clean nothing left for the dog!

Tomorrow I'll post a li'l detailed story of the trail ride to the beach at my biking blog!

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