The Priceless Dog

Name: Crisanto Vidad
Nickname: Antong
A.K.A.: Dog

I had terrible morning today, I was awakened 1 hour earlier than my usual wake up time because of a follow up call of my request for air-conditioning unit cleaning. Nearly half an hour another terrible call awakened my senses, "Antong was shot at his left shoulder!". I was a bit surprised but was still calm and was thinking if it was an accident or was an encounter! And nearly 10 minutes after he was declared dead on arrival!

My brother rushed at the hospital at the first call, he was more than a friend to him and to our family. We and his friends here consider him as a sibling! As the terrible news spread around our village everyone who knew him was in grief! One by one, detailed information of his death was uncovered. They were ambushed and Antong received a 7 gunshot wounds all penetrating his breast and took his life his dreams and ours!

Judging by the looks and attitude, he is someone you can consider a dog, a clown and a low profile person - that is how he got his a.k.a. dog! All prejudice may take you further degrading him at your first look, but knowing Antong for such short years of his life he is a Good man disguised in stupidity, awkward and clumsy acts! He never hesitates to give you what you ask from him as long as he can manage! If you find the day boring, just have a bit of time with him wherever he stays for a break and surely his natural clown acts and naturally wrong grammar English speaking will crack the blues of your day!

But sad to say no more Antong to wash all the misery of the war he and his comrades fought. The batch BANGKILAS CL167-07 has lost their best comrade who never won a battle by the caliber of his firearm.

Reminiscing the memories I had with the kid and knowing him, no man or kid in my circle of friends who can match his patience, tolerance understanding, humbleness, and sense of humor! Antong is a Big lost to our sanity over grief and pain! The best I can offer for the good times we had with you is to immortalize your memories not only in our hearts but also to others who may came to cross my page and will learn that once there was Antong who made life bearable to live in spite of misery, chaos and fraud crafted by the interest that caused these wars!


r-yo said...

another life wasted. all because some people can't live in harmony with their neighbors. damn!

Pamela Plumley said...

Sorry to hear of this-it is very sad for one so young. Prayers for you and the family!

Aerrox said...

Thank you guys for giving time to read about Antong!

Anonymous said...

One more valuable life lost as a result of hatred & intolerance? I feel sad & pray for strength to the beloved ones. Hence the opening prayer on the home page of my blog on the sticky poster.

Anonymous said...

sorry for what had happen... GOD has a reason 4 allowing things 2 happen...we may never understand HIS Wisdom but we simply have 2 TRUST HIS Will...May he rest in peace...