Lighted Candle

I Signed up for a free brightstorm acount and viewed a free episode with SAT Writing, The Perfect Essay with Teacher Nayellee Villanueva. It was my first time to take up such lesson online and I found out that learning while having fun can also be experienced online. The teachers are fluent and are professional with their fields of interest and their teaching style is at the utmost level for their students.

With their teaching style, the educational effectiveness is at it's best. The dilemma with your most boring or hated subjects will be replaced by a level of preparedness and awareness, thus will help you face your school subjects with confidence and the positive outlook to accomplish your academics responsibly!

Each course is a twelve months subscription that will teach you the tips and tricks on how to manage your time with your exams like essays or math. Turning yourselves from a academic phobic into a wiz!

You may also want to take a peek of their free episodes, Take a surf of some of the videos of some of the courses they offer, so as you may have the idea on how they present their platform and their teaching methods.


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