To all who HATE Aerrox

To you I’m just a clown who keeps on holding on in a disguise. But you can’t take the rest of me and the best out of me. I don’t have to change for somebody else, if you can’t like me because of my being me, I don’t care. I don’t give a damn to any spoiled and poisoned words you will say against me; And as far as I’m concerned and for your INFO, you don’t know me yet as much as I do know myself. I can keep a handful of true friends than keeping a chest of people who back stab me to death.

I’m not being nice, I’m really nice to people who are nice to me. If I find you nice I’m go’nna consider you as a friend, but if you reject my friendship even if it’s just a social network online without any ding of a word. I’ll consider it as a rejection, and all your words of praise a product of imagination and fake expression crafted by your misery!

I have nothing to say against you or to any of your friends. Because I do believe that speaking the ill of others is a dishonest way of praising ourselves. And no matter how much you want me dead! I will always live, for as long as the memories of my true friends are in me; I will continue to haunt your world and rock ours!

The only thing that I regret, is that your so pretty to be you!

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