Quality According to PPP


Hi Henry,

As you know, we are currently in the midst of performing a blog audit. We want to let you know some more about what we want in the IZEA Network.

When we review your blog during the audit process, we are looking specifically for blogs that are of a high quality and who exhibit the following (These are NOT the only criteria we are looking at):
Good sentence structure, spelling and grammar.
A clean, fresh layout.
A blog that sticks to a central purpose, topic or theme.
Blogs with informative and original content.
Blogs that load quickly, and do not have too many pictures, flash, widgets and obtrusive music slowing it down.
Blogs in which the sponsored posts are so well written that it is hard to determine if they are sponsored or not.
Correctly labeled links that lead to valid sites and not 404 Messages.
(PR and RR are NOT a factor In our audit standards)

If your blog does not meet our standards, and does not possess many of the things listed above, your blog will most likely be rejected. Unfortunately once your blog is rejected, your blog will not be eligible for resubmitting. This is something we must do to ensure that the best bloggers possible reside within our Network. So please keep these things in mind while we continue on with the audit process and we appreciate your understanding.

Thank you,

I highlighted the sentences that I think not agreeable to me:

1. These are not the only criteria we are looking at. - Ok I understand that, but why not write it down so as I would know about it, and later would help me with my blogs and blogging carrier with you and to others!

2. Once your blog is rejected, your blog will not be eligible for resubmitting - I don't think this one is just, but it's their rule so no arguments and no comment.

Currently I'm anticipating for the final operation of Nuffnang I hope I'll have a better chances here regarding opp!

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