My First Ad @ Nuffnang

I feel so lazy today, I was wanting to sleep more....more....more. But I must go to work, customers are knocking on my room to use the internet at Crywolf. Sigh.... my head was so heavy and so as my feet. I took the towel and head on to the bathroom to take a splash of water unto my face hoping to wake me up and cut off a lil' of the lazy feeling. Well it did cut a li'l and just very li'l. Went in to the command center turned on the lights, the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), the router, the modem, the computers, and the airconditioner.

Surfing the internet, emails regarding exchange links with my mountainbiking blog is the first thing that I want to check in my inbox. I opened my google account and checked everything. The gmail, the adsense, the blogs and puff no emails, but hey what's that new image (I thought the flag was missing)! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I got ads from Nuffnang! (This one was a good ice cracker). I got a grin and was feeling alive that I went to make a blog about it and save the image as a remembrance!

Although it's not an advertorial, but it's my first ad from my first ad network that is based on my own country, the Philippines". Hmm.... I hope I'll have my advertorial soon! ^^

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