Kicked Out of PPP

Last night I was so happy after knowing my google page rank is in full effect at PPP. OPP just keep on coming but since there is a limit of 3 post per day I came to a stop at wired by numbers. $15 for that night was not bad compared to $5 dollars a month in the previous months.

I woke up this morning around 9 and customers where waiting for the operation crywolf of the day! I immediately rushed at PPP at see whats new, nothing was new everything was red. After checking my email I noticed that there was one mail from PPP with a tag subject of assessment.

The summary of the letter was, I got myself kicked out of PPP because my blog did not pass their quality control! And after sending an email to PPP regarding the news, I found out about their reasons and that I can no longer resubmit my blog at any cost!

So this is goodbye for PPP!

Although it hurts to lose PPP after gaining a 2 points GPR, all those OPP and etc... OUCH! I was an end as worthy as remembrance, a remembrance that worth $15!


TNH said...

how you get a high google rank? I'm still struggling in PPP..seldom got some tips for that..because recently i found that my ranking is dropping

Aerrox said...

I had the same experience before regarding OPP till I got 2 points with google rank. OPP just keep on coming. till I was kicked out!!! ^-^

regarding GPR, I had mine after 10 months. I'll make a post about GPR
at my own opinion.