I was Invited

I was sitting at the yesterday afternoon. Looking at the sky and daydreaming! Imagining what life is there ten years from now! Thinking of ways to make this life easier and more comfortable! Thinking of ways to make this life more fun and exciting!


Bep! beeeeeeeeeeep!

It's Zary Arrived with his XRM with an invitation letter from a friend of ours we use to call Mare (A co-godmother/father) or Manang (somebody who is older than you)! Manang's sister is going to celebrate her 18th birthday by next week (not again T_T), I was happy that I was invited for another special occasion, but I felt to cry for another Red Horse Rampage!!! ^_^

Nevertheless, I'm anticipating for the outcome of the events of the celebration! I'm gonna ask Zary to bring his best DiGIcam so as to get the best photos!!!

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