Financial Dilemma at Crywolf

brothersIt was not long ago when the downfall of Lehman Brothers. It was a financial crisis that shaken the economic fortress of the West. At a point where Asian economy were at her peak of her pride and rising strong and stable, the financial crisis has brought the whole world to crawl into the future with tightened belt.

It was a unexpected era from the Western economy. Most of the worlds economic studies were in focus of how she made such triumph over poverty after the dreadful World War II. But now holding on to what more their experts can offer to hold their line of economic defense.

The financial crisis wasn't troublesome at all for a span of time, specifically here at Asia. But it was only for a moment. When the global trading glance at the reality of dependence over the US$ currency, the pain was like a cut on a fingertip that crawls into the head hammering it down to the last nerve.

At the first point of the news regarding Lehman Brothers' downfall there was a news of oil price roll back and roll back and roll back. So I didn't give a much interest regarding the effect of such colossal company that went bankrupt.

Just the other week we made changes regarding our electrical bill due to unacceptable statement of account from the electric cooperative. It was also unexpected that there would be payments that would cost as much as a thousand and the worst, upon their inspection our account was changed to commercial from residential! My secondary savings for the month was washed out from my wallet and having trouble to find way to brace the expenses for the next electric bill and a love letter from my ISP and telephone line just arrived after the activation of our new electric account! And currently I have 4 more days before the deadline of the internet and telephone bill and 10 more days for the electric bill. I don't want to touch my primary savings so I'm planning to sell some of my Mountainbike stuff to brace this financial crisis at Crywolf!

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