Crawling in my Dream!

I barely had sleep from last night paper works! It was already 230 in the morning when I got my eyes close and laid down to have a rest and sleep! Dreaming of my special girl (I miss her a lot! T-T) when suddenly I heard the mayor shouting outside and followed by a series of explosion! What the Fuck! I thought there is a war going on near our backyard! We heard news and threats of bombs and other explosives being crafted to destroy our village!

Explosion after explosion! It was like a new year when the explosions lighted the black atmosphere of the dawn! People around were all horrified and tremble in fear and some even panic and do not know where to go. Mayor had the chance to contact friends from the inside of the military camp and I was looking for a way replenish my Cell phone load.

Sigh....We felt better upon knowing that the cause of the series of explosion was not a terrorist attack but was a accident. A nearby military ammunition warehouse was burning and triggered the explosions!

Accident or not, humors of inside job and terrorist infiltration was in the air. But currently all is well. I had the chance to be back at my bed by 430 in the morning and regain strength for today's work at the command center!


natalie said...

first to comment:D that was a scaring experience. well, hope it was an accident and not some planned out something. take care:)

mae said...

:( that was truly terrifying lavs. Thanks God it was not real.
Please do take lots of care.