Another Debut Part 1 - "When this Begun"

Me and my friends celebrated a friend's sister debut last October 18, 2008. I was a bit late to post the event and blog about here at blogspot because some things didn't work out fine the past few days at Crywolf!

I felt weakening that day after having less sleep, but I can't even sleep back after the Catfish woke me up! I Did some important chores at the command center and a bit ok by then. I ingested a bottle of Cobra to make myself a bit energetic and after a while, I felt like to run. By 1 p.m. I head on the hi-way after asking Dong to take charge of Crywolf. With two wheels and two legs I pedalled around the village hoping to get a lot of sweat and get a relief from a developing fever. Alas! It did work and I was fine about 4 in the afternoon!

I find a way to take a peep at the Vasquez residence to see hows the preparation going on. At the gate Mr. Lara intercepted me with a jigle of gin! And upon seeing the shot of alcohol I hurriedly pedalled and full throttle away from Manong Lara! Sigh....I have to preserved my strength for the night!

It was past 5 in the afternoon and was already prepared for the party took my gift and was wearing a stripe blue and pink polo shirt and a cargo short pants (^^ semi-formal). The attire wasn't that a big deal for the eating only visitors like me ^-^. I saw some of the 18 roses were look awkward than I am, so I was very comfy with my attire by then, and the feeling of changing attire was no longer in the option.

Before it begun:

The Celebrant

The Crew with the Author:

(L 2 R) Mitch and BF, Zagatrix, Aerrox

Jen, Manong Lara, Helen, Aerrox

Wem, Aerrox, Adam (Gay - Wahahaha( story later))

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