Another Birthday Debut Party!!!

Last night I was with a friend in a friend's house, we were having a drinking spree of a certain malt liquor. One of our Friend's (we use to call dad) sister-in-law was celebrating her 18th birthday! Dad called us about half an hour before the eating event starts! ^-^ so as to escape the dilemmic formality!

Upon arrival, I was a bit surprise about the party! It wasn't as expected for a debut party! I mean I've been to more than two debut parties, and I was once one of the 18 candles! But the situation at last night's party was so different from the usual party. It's so ordinary! Just a cake with a figure of 18 candle, no 18 candles, 3 variants of food a rice and a dozen of visitors and most are known to the celebrant!

When the prayer starts for the eating event me, Dad and Zary was half drunk! But nevertheless I could still notice how happy the celebrant celebrated her special birthday, we were enjoying the prepared dishes while teasing the girls about the legal issues in connection with legal age and opposite sex attraction! ^^ (Like the Mind over Matter thing!)

After the meal the ladies group themselves and as far as I can see it's girls talk and no boys allowed! So the dick heads piled themselves and back at the square table were a Red Horse with horsehoe was waiting.

Dad: Oi, Saan na ang isang bote? (Hey, where is the last bottle?)
Me: Silent and not saying a word while pretending very drunk and sleepy!
(I gave the last bottle to the girls so as I can go home early! ^-^)
Zary: hala, nawala!? Ewan ko di ko alam....Chuckling(Huh, It's gone!? I don't know)

The three Musketers were laughing and were thingking of one thing! The suspect! (^^)

Sigh.... I was home early last night but got late to bed, because of a 5 hour match with a strategy game called Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour! Gosh I was cursed buy the great Red Horse!

And Just this afternoon, guess what, I just received an invitation for another DEBUT Party! With a tag of (Zary: You wear a Japanese outfit dude) T_T

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