Women hater

I have never heard that men are such women hater, if there was really women hater it is very rare to hear, perhaps mostly men get to fall in love every time they see any women who fits their taste and hunger for sex! But generally excluding the sense of men regarding sex, we are really sweet in so many ways that women tend to find themselves into liking us, that in return hurt them when they found out it was nothing personal at all!

While blog hopping I stumbled over this post, and I just thought the owner might be a woman hater, correct me if I am wrong!

I been involve in many ways of affection, seduction and a bit of misleading emotions and falling in love. I get to hate some women, but generally hating them all is out of my vocabulary! And just even recently surfing at Nuffnang gave an opportunity to meet more cute and beautiful bloggers like Junjun, Sherrymint, Angie Pat, hovenessa,Yenniedoll, cathyc, ICY, Jenai and others that I can't find their link because are currently out of innit! ^-^.

Ei don't get me wrong or misunderstood! I just really love looking at your cute, beautiful and sexy pictures!

Too sum it up all I'm a women lover! Please love me too....hahahaha!

Ps. This post is dedicated to all women who hated me or men in general! But I do not represent men generally. I simply present myself!

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