Upon Reflection , Life is Fun

It was a sad morning waking up and I have to rush into the bath room to take an early bath and start another week of 12 hour a day working. Some routinary activities and some unusual incidents such as a stolen favorite bike!

Sigh....I glance at the wall while sitting on my bed! Seeing things that people cannot see and things that are products of my imagination and unpredictable instances!

Yesterday was Sunday and was a rest day, I woke up late and took a late breakfast and lunch. After a while took my mountain bike and check for some mechanical problems, road test and after a while hit a two kilometers of uphill and downhill trail!

Tomorrow is yet to come and is still mystery, but I am planning for some things to happen by my will! After reflecting from yesterdays historic incidents, I wrapped it today as a present for me considering that today is a gift and I made it through from yesterday's nightmares and conquered challenges!

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