Trip to North Upi

I can't remember when was the exact date me and my friends went to Upi, The province produce largely of corn aside from rice and other agricultural products.

This is a giant statue of the special corn at the province!
Me, Zary and Uncle Lara (his of our age but looks twice as us ^^)

This is one of the best part of the trip, the going home! Because most of the trail was going down, it's one of the reason of the trip, the downhill trip
One of the best view, overlooking Shariff Kabunsuan and Cotabato City at a cliff beside the National Hi-way about 3 kilometers from the lowlands!

This one is the coolest part of the trip, getting refreshed after the trip. This place is at Lomboy a watershed river, nearby is swimming spot, a refreshing swim on a fresh water pool!

Tomorrow I'll be going back at Upi, not for a fun ride, maybe partly yes but without the bike. Me and a friend named Huben is going to pay a visit to his girlfriend and at the same time to open up a business deal! I hope the business part will be as good as expected! I'll post some new pictures of the province maybe by Monday!

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