The Story Behind the Trip to North Upi Pt. 1

It was already late in the morning when the sky was in rage like cats and dogs. When suddenly it came to a mellow shower, anticipating that it would stay as it is. We hurried to our destination to North Upi. Riding a Suzuki Raider with a couple of cake by Goldilocks at hand, on a speed not less than 70kph and a splattering mud, water on our face!

Constantly traversing the winding and rough road toward North Upi, when suddenly the rain came down and pounding the rough terrain and flooded the road enough to send as at a speed of 30kph. We made a stop at a nearest waiting shed we found. After about 10 minutes the rain came to a stop and again we went on with the journey to the highland.

Running at 10 to 20 kph the Raiders center stand is bashing with the rocks as blind deep cracks and big rocks are covered by rainwater.

While the rough rain gets going with the rough trail, the driver whispered "Bahala na mabasa ang pasahero, wag lang ang cake", "Never mind the passengers get wet, just keep the cake dry!". What's so special with the cake? Apart from a business purpose toward Upi, it's the driver's GF birthday the other day, so we are gonna deliver the cake as a birthday gift! Just a cake huh? For a late gift? Yes it's just a cake, but keeping in mind the thought of taking the birthday cake under the whole course of the travel, its priceless. Something can only be tag by a price called thoughtfulness!

We arrived at the place about 11 in the morning, just enough for lunch, the hated part was, the sun's face showed and without a drop of rain glitters in the sky!

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