The Story Behind Road Trip to Upi Pt.

Miss Sponsor Owned a nearby restaurant, so after taking us at their own lodging house to get dress up,(Too bad for me, I didn't brought extra pants) we went to the restaurant to take a lunch. We were eating and talking about the trip and how we manage to arrive earlier despite of the rain and the trail!

There was a load of sotanghon, shrimp and buttered chicken. After eating our lunch I noticed that I was a bit talkative, realizing the fact that 80% of the prepared shrimp was already in my tummy! ^^ The shrimp made me feel like under the influence of alcohol!

after about half and hour of discussing things, the Ms. rain came back and showered the place again. The sponsor went to the kitchen and prepared the cake as a desert, and after eating the cake, she offered for an ice cream (WTF, I guess she wants to kill us by over eating ^^)! The activity the whole day was: sit, talk, watch TV, eat and all-over again! By the time dinner time arrived, we were watching a movie at HBO were a bear was a leading actor playing a heroic role as a leader of animals in the forest under hunting season. And while watching the sponsor was preparing for dinner! WTF, another load food that are irresistible to my tongue's taste buds!!!

She prepared beef steak, chopsuey, roasted pork, balut (duck's egg, incubated till 16-18 days). I told her boyfriend if will stay here more for the next 24 hours we can't walk more 10 minutes! And if we will stay here for another week we will double our weight ^-^!

After a li'l talk we went on to the lodging house for the rest of the night, the whole day was enough to put my pants dry! Just as we got to bed, the power went off because a strong wind and rain came down like a mad nuke, enough to take down some power lines!

Well the rest of the story that night was under the secret of darkness as everyone was sleeping! I woke up it was 7 no water no lights still. Made a li'l retouch and we head on to the restaurant to take a coffee and a li'l chit chat, and to say thank you and goodbye! That morning Mr. Sun was the king of the day, so the trip going back home was good enough that I was able to take some photos along the way, fast enough that it took us less than an hour home!

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