Out of Place on the Keyboard at Innit Nuffnang

I am about a week old at Nuffnang, and so far its the only ad network that I use to hangout most of the time because of the chatbox. At first it was a bit exciting because their were so many active and live bloggers who were always online and are discussing and sharing about their ideas, activities and plans.

Getting to know the people and atmosphere at the chatbox was not easy, Nuffnang was unleashed at Malaysia and Singapore, so it is expected that most of the members online and are live every time I'm in was either Malaysians and Singaporeans. With due respect for the culture and the nature that these people were raised, it was a challenge to be in pace with their race track.

Li'l by li'l I had the chance to know some cute and friendly Malaysian bloggers, but getting the impression of a friend's impression or the atmosphere of closeness may seem take a long time to be develop and at my own point of view is more challenging than running 50kph Downhill from Lake Agko down to Kidapawan City proper. The steepest part of the story is when these people starts talking using their own tongue! And when this happens all I have to do is put my hands AFK, and read all those words and sentences beyond my comprehension or take a wild guess of what they are talking about with my pathetic telepathy thing!

Nevertheless, I wish that PH or US bloggers will soon be in pace with Innit Nuffnang, it drives traffic very good, and a chance to develop a new circle of friends in South East Asia.

"Never Build A Wall Unless You Know What You're Walling In and What You're Walling Out" - John Powell

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