Diverted Expenses

Just this afternoon I went to the bank to deposit 80% of my hard earned savings for the the month of September. After the bank transaction, I went to the shopping store to buy some grocery and as well as a new pair of socks. Looking at the display windows of new baseball caps and sports shades (Saliva dripping)while imagining how much money I have left and wanting to buy the new stuffs. I love caps especially those ones that are cool on the head, the problem is are a bit very expensive! Then suddenly a still small voice within whispered "don't buy that, save it for your laptop or digicam". Yeah I was saving for such gadgets also, it is the main reason why I put most of my savings away from my line of sight!

So I decided to pay for the intended stuffs and head on at the bike shop to buy a new brake cables for my mountain bike! Paid the cables and watch and touch some stuffs at the shop without any intention of buying!

Me: How much is the Aerozine grips?
Allan (store owner): $10 (480 pesos)
Me: day dreaming (tawad = lesser price)
Me: How much is these Fox Jersey? (Price tag: $53 (2500pesos))
Allan: I'll sell it to you at $32 (1500pesos) because it has a small ran at the right arm.
Me: checking the the jersey.(not that visible..still ok..favorite colors *-* old
stock, but I got a crush with this jersy)
Me: PUFFF! buy the grips your brother's grips are already worn out, use the
new one and give your old grips.
Me: bought the grips.
Me: Allan, I'll give you $10 as a down payment and pay the rest for the next two
weeks for the jersey?
Allan: Ok Deal!
Me: Took the jersey and went on home with almost empty wallet. Left home with
$255 and came back with $20

Sigh....sort of weary feeling but I was smiling with today's expenditures!!! I really can't get loose for the love on my sport! But I was happy, I have been wanting this jersey for so long already, I just put an end to that desire that's been haunting me! ^___^

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