Colorful Rubbish

I use to make my desktop clean, no background and other effects. Just pure classic, but recently I find this wallpaper cute and look relaxing due to that funny Tako the Octopus who plays like a ninja with his chopsticks, and the six legged creature even has its own myspace account! If you happen to have a myspace account, add Tako the Octopus to your top eight and get a chance to have the Banzai DVD game for free straight to your door! Hurry the free offer is limited only while the supply last. If you miss the chance you'll have to buy it and it is available online!

It's exciting also to hear that although I don't really know much about Banzai, familiarizing the word Banzai takes me too a chaotic history of World War II. But instead of war we will be having fun with it, ScreenLife Games is at it again. They launched a new Banzai game. Check it out:

The new party game from Screenlife Games, in Banzai players betting plastic sushi on the outcome of stunts in a video clip taken from the cult-classic TV show of the same name. Whoever wins all of the plastic sushi, wins the game.


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