Big Whys?

The following questions was sent to me by a guild member at one of my online game MU. Although she is no longer a guild member but still considers me her Guild Master (Sweet....) and that the guild no longer exist due to a server reset and merge.

Filipino version:

-gM- bakit my mga taong kesa ayusin ang problema pinalalaki pa? bakit may mga taong hindi maging consistent sa mga nararamdaman at sinasabi nila sa iba? at higit sa lahat bakit my mga taong mas gustong saktan ang taong mahal sila kesa mahalin din nila?!?! mga craulo noh?

English version:

-GM- Why is it that there are people who makes a problem complicated instead of solving it? Why is it that there are people who are inconsistent with their feelings and tell it to others? And most of all why do some people would rather choose to hurt people who love them instead of loving them? Crazy people! Aren't they?

(On my own point of view....)

People who cannot find resolution to problems tend to break away from reality that for every problem there is a solution. Most specially people who are alone or those who feel they are alone. And sometimes ends very complicated that they take away their lives as their means to solve the problem. Some people makes a certain problem complicated to escape something; a relationship perhaps or a responsibility....

People who are inconsistent with their feelings might be due to some scientific and psychological factors! Human emotions such as love is a chemical reaction that expires in due time (When it expires it's up to that person....), it could also be to spark an interest or a deviation of interest which was at first not true or sincere. Or they are just pathetic!

People tend to hurt people who love them simply because they just can't love them or they don't love them at all! It's just like a song that it's better to hurt them with the truth than misled them with a lie! It could also be a reason of protecting them to someone or something (I don't know your reasons....)

Yes they are crazy people. We are crazy people. It's an ironic fact. We live in a world full of irony. We live in a world that is not perfect and unfair, because if it was. It's an orthodox! So be cautious! This world is full of people who can make you live or die!

You are still young and you still have so much to learn. Learn from the experience of others, because you will not live long enough to learn 'em all!

P.S. I wasn't afraid to be called ugly by neglecting to answer your question. But your question hits me and sparked an interest! ^^


~JoAnNi~ said...

I think ppl complicate probs instead of solving them cos sometimes when YOU'RE the one facing the prob, the solution isnt as clear cut as when ur watching someone else face the prob. He/she might not even realize he/she is making matters worse until its too late.

I think love doesnt 'expire'. But d initial attraction one feels for another can. Depending on hw strong ur commitment n love is, tats when u decide ur nxt course of action, ie: stay/leave.

We hurt ppl who love us because:
1. We dont love them back
2. We are selfish n ignorant
3. We hv gotten so used to them tat we hv become desensitised to hw they feel. We take them for granted.

Just what i think. ;)

Aerrox said...

wow thanx for the thought. I hope this answers will help my friend Wendy! :)