A Very Special Love

"Something inside has change. And the change was a surprise"

I never expected that I will watch this one, it's a movie led by Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd. A li'l wacky love story. I never thought that I would want to finish the movie apart from the point that I have no interest on it, but it hit me that it sent me to blog about it. I was reviewing the movie for a special friend, but in the middle it was kinda hard to leave the sit and I was anticipating for the next part unto the climax. It was a big B for me watching such movie, but since I have a crush with Sarah I gave it a try! She get's prettier and prettier, more gorgeous and sweet unto my eye!

The other side of the story was a part from a employee's life, the pain of retrench and shutdown. The struggle to manage your own time controlled by a boss, and a inappropriate treatment. The world we live in is not a movie where a camera directs!

Little by little my perception with the movie has change. And the change was a surprise!


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