Underneath Your Clothes


Talking about Lingerie, I'm not a female to tell you how I fell on wearing this undergarments. But as a male I will tell you how I look at it and feel about it while women wear it.

As we all know most women wear such lingeries underneath their clothes, hidden huh! Although hidden it still clings to a world of fashion where all women especially modern women are in deep attachment with it. Whether you like it or not I love looking on those lingeries while on. It looks sexy, appealing and sweet. Very interesting and vigorous! Specially the Dark ones.

Underneath women's clothes is more than a bra and a panty, underneath their clothes is more than just a underwear. It's more than just fabric of designs. It's dedication, it's fashion, it's a intimate satisfaction for intimate undergarments. These dedication are depicted on those designer lingeries. Signed and designed for womens artistic satisfaction underneath.

Those Designer Lingerie
and bra or knickers are very interesting with their designs and artistic looks. These undergarments are luxury for women who are intimately attached with it. If you are one of them Boudiche offers a lot of designer lingeries and in various sizes and currently offers a DD+ sizes.

Boudiche is online for the availability of these lingeries in the US and internationally in UK. Get your designs and sizes at the site. Check out for the Designers, Lingerie, DD+ Lingerie, Nightwears and Corsets. The designs are exotic and alive from the artistic touch of imagination and dedication. Indulge!

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