A Reason Why We say no to Autonomy

It came to cross my sight this certain school under ARMM and took some time to take pictures of it. The students here told me that the rooms here were of such situation long before the war has started.Looks peaceful huh!
What can you say about the garbage on the playground. Or a classroom without decent doors and windows and roof, that the authorized personnel decided to abandon these classrooms.
If it weren't because of concerned people, there's no such facility like this one here.
Would you still want to be under Autonomy when problems like educational facilities are of these looks. The students told me that the high school buildings are also of the same looks. A li'l better compared with the classrooms here. I wanted to go further south to take some pictures of provinces under this autonomy, but authorities told me that it's a critical area and war is still in rage.

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