Normality Issue

I just found out about Reader's Digest web address at Socialspark and it reminded me of my high school years when I use to hear about this book. I didn't give a care before of reading the book, but I always wonder why my fellow students love to read a book without pictures.

When I reach college, the interest on psychological and emotional aspects of human behavior caught me. It took me to dig up my old high school books to find one of those books that has collections of profound thoughts.

And just recently I have learned about this question Are You Normal or Nuts?, from Reader's Digest. I took time to read the article and find some questions that I can relate to or find out if I am normal or nuts.

I use to control my emotions in front of people, specially when I am hurt. I just cry a bit or shout aloud by myself hiding in my room or under the rain or strong wind or anywhere I am alone. I do not save it and wait till it is bottled up. I found out that it was a good skill and luckily concluded that I was normal!

Ho about you Are You Normal or Nuts? find out for yourself at Reader's Digest and laugh at your nuttiness or just check out Reader's Digest Laughs to have something to laugh about!

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