As Evil as It is

Two decades ago, I was wandering in the school cowering in the dark for a piece of light. I used to walk for school, a sanctuary for the young ones. A place where what they called learning is at its sweetest.

Two decades later, I still stood in the dark cowering for a piece of light. I never half to seek more to know why. It's as obvious as a spot on white cloth, that a man's education never ends until he dies.

And learning through life, I have loot a reality, a piece of light yet of darkness. Something beautiful and sweet, and yet as ugly as its bitterness.

Uncovered from a pure linen cloth of innocence. I found Love, precious and priceless. A treasure of strength, as strong as the earth yet as fragile as a glass on the tip of a needle.

Love is just as evil as it is good, all the sweetest things that it can offer, will gaze back at you, with the bitterness of pain when it is gone. When it is dead!



Flisha said...

Ano daw...???

Aerox said...

Ano ang ano teacher? :D