What is Victory Hair?

When after a conversation with words and lines of sweetness that leads to an official flirting and each party being attracted to each other by their successful flirting ability, they got themselves hook to each other and in the process of caressing each other by playing with their hairs, their hairs got messed up!

My own strategy to achieve victory hair: Step one, by the mall, step two, call her by the phone and ask her "isn't it snack time? Want to join me", step three, ask her to escort her for the rest of the day.....

If you haven't tried testing your own flirting style, try this flirting game by Extreme Style by VO5. Here you and two other players will be asking or asked questions by any one of you, with the chatting window at the right you can flirt the judge in relation with the questions being asked or not at all just your pure flirting ability to achieve the highest score to win the flirting game. Now you got the link hit it and try it, or why not have a copy of your own widget and spread the game with your friends and test each others flirting style!

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Sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5

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